New Beginnings

I went for a walk today into the middle of Hyde Park in Sydney, not paying much attention to my surroundings, when I noticed a beautiful tall tree to my right, clothed in the most magnificent red. He stood out among his fellow green trees like candlelight in the dark, flame red, with a carpet of crimson leaves laid out at his feet. It made me stop, in the middle of the walkway, to stare at this tree.

And then it hit me. We are now in Spring. The season of new beginnings. A season to shed the old and bring forth the new, to leave behind what was once dry and dead and give it new life instead. Of busyness and productivity, a season for purpose and joyful planning. Which was exactly what this tree was busy doing with his beautiful crimson leaves in a sea of ardent green.

And this is what I hope for my new collection of writing. To begin something new, with renewed purpose. To create something which can be read, to perhaps inspire someone else to bring forth their own new life filled with busyness purpose. Welcome to my offering, I hope we can walk the blogging journey together.



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