Life’s a Beach

Feet in Sand

Yesterday was a beautiful Sydney summer evening, so me and my dear friend took ourselves to the beach for a girly catch-up and ice-cream eating on the shore.  There is something so therapeutic about the way the sand slips in-between toes,  wind blows salt spray through hair, and twilight creeps across the sky that just puts a smile on my face and makes me feel at ease with the world and my place in it. It’s nights like this that I will remember in years to come, the nights where I know what freedom really feels like –  a freedom that expresses itself in the curve of the ice-cream cone, in the laugh of the funny story, the clouds racing across the sky.


The many nights just like this is when I feel most grateful – grateful to be alive, to feel, to live, to love, in all the ways and forms I choose. To see the world spread out before me like a magic carpet, woven with all the intricacies of life – the lumps and bumps and valleys and mountains.


There is creativity to be found around every corner. Coming across the unexpected is a rich treasure, the opportunity to see and experience something new in a different way. Being able to understand that other’s perspectives may be different to mine, but to somehow see the pieces make perfect sense, in their very new and thrilling way.


Taking the time to laugh, and remembering to see the beauty in each and every situation. Especially when I find myself wearing a blue cartoon character painted on the wall as a hat.


I found an old book last year in a second-hand bookstore by the ocean, and there is a quote between its pages, which this hand-painted little ship on the beach front wall reminded me: “Be courageous. Even tiny craft brave mighty storms to voyage far” – Steve Parish.

Life’s a beach. A very beautiful beach.


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