A Simple Lunch…in 15 Minutes

Ricotta Fritters

I love food! Preparing it, cooking it, poring over cookbooks, taking extended trips to the supermarket to poke and prod and obsess about ingredient quality, and continuously looking for ways to modify existing recipes. Perhaps I was a chef in a different lifetime!

Having a spare Sunday today, I decided to delve into my 15-minute meals by Jamie Oliver cookbook, to try one of the recipes and see if I can really come up with a great meal in 15 minutes.

Choosing the ricotta fritters was not easy, as everything in this book is beautifully styled and photographed, and looks mouth watering-ly simple with basic ingredients that can easily be found in the kitchen.

But choose I did, and found myself whipping these up in no time! Fresh ricotta,an egg, parmesan,and a dash of lemon zest…deceptively simple and absolutely delicious once they emerged from the fry pan a few minutes later. And once they were placed on the bed of tomato passata and black olives, a fresh basil leaf from the garden was all that was needed to complete this simple and beautiful lunch dish.

Fresh, nutritious food really is this simple – all in 15 minutes.


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