This year 2015

As the year comes to a close, it has got me thinking about the past year and all the things that happened -all the threads connected to make up 2015.

  1. Gave up flat sharing and moved into a tiny one bedroom flat that is all my own
  2. Started working for a huge social media platform and my first real foray into working in the corporate world.
  3. Travelling – visited beautiful Santa Barbara twice, San Francisco, Puerto Rico, and second visit to New York City
  4. Ill health – being diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis and being put on blood thinners has taken it’s toll. This has meant a change in my diet, aenemia, and feeling like a pincushion due to so many blood tests.
  5. Knocked off more subjects of my Graphic Design diploma- not long to go now before I wrap up!
  6. Began working out with a personal trainer after a long hiatus from exercise
  7. Red toffee peanuts became an obsession – there was a while there when I couldn’t go to the local supermarket without buying these and I’d scoff them within a couple days.
  8. Invited more plant friends into my life – am officially becoming a plant hoarder and rescuer.
  9. Discovered a crazy love for old world French cafe music
  10. Yellow squash has become a staple in my diet. Until a few months ago I had never tasted it.
  11. Hosted webinar presentations for work clients all on my own.
  12. Having my three wisdom teeth removed.
  13. Learning who my real friends are, and sadly who is not.
  14. Not understanding why we don’t have Barnes and Noble in Australia!
  15. Becoming more self-aware and accepting of my faults
  16. Bought a whole heap of dresses – I found that wearing dresses is so much better than jeans!
  17. Recognising the real difference between wanting to be with someone and needing to be with someone.
  18. Slowly giving up alcohol. This year has been about slowly letting it go and drinking less and less.
  19. Giving in to my gypsy soul. There is no denying the pull of wandering, travel, big skies, wildness, and freedom.
  20. Keeping an open mind opens doors to new information, new avenues, new possibilities.

Here’s to 2016!



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